Plant Consciousness

 Plant Consciousness: Experience Multiple Perspectives on the Natural World


In nature, the world of relativity does not exist. The idea of relative phenomena is a structure given to experience by the human intellect. Other animals live in a world of undivided reality. To the extent that one lives in the relative world of the intellect, one loses sight of time that is beyond time and of space that is beyond space.

Masanobu Fukuoka, One Straw Revolution (p. 171)




Are you ready to take your relationship with plants to a deeper level? Is there a plant that is calling to you but you are still not sure how to communicate or what it is trying to tell you? NEO's Goethean Plant Study Service exists for this reason…to help us all reconnect to deeper levels of our own consciousness and to help us cross over and experience plant consciousness.

This Goethean approach to plant study, infused with integral philosophy and practice, was passed to me via my most respected teachers and it is a framework that I am excited to share with you. When you are ready, we’ll custom build a program based on your needs and interests that could span the full spectrum of plant consciousness, or work more specifically on one or two aspects of your connection to the botanical realm. Study sessions can take the form of day or week long programs or as short as a couple of hours, privately or in a group setting.

No this isn’t some hippy dippy thing…plants too are sentient beings and have a language unto their own. The subtle energies that plants use to communicate aren’t commonly understood, though if we take the time to quiet our minds and sit with them, you’d be amazed by how much there is to learn and know.

Farmer Ryan has experience working with all ages and sizes of groups too, from children right on up to adults. My experience is that people of all ages can benefit energetically from connecting with the plants, the soil food web and life on the farm, especially when we get past the strictly rational plane and mindfully explore alternative frames of consciousness. It may take longer for some to quiet the 'business of mind' that comes with our modern lifestyles and reach back into a more primal way of knowing, seeing and being. But if you are ready to revive your anscestral knowledge and ‘meet your maker’, our extensive community of perennial and annual, wild and cultivated plant beings are here and I would welcome the opportunity to facilitate your direct experience with these amazing life forms.

If you would like to bring the conversation about plant consciousness to your school, church, company or community organization, please contact me.


Medicine plants have been subjected to many different cultural interpretations, classification schemes, and analytical methods. In order to understand medicine plants, we need to understand some of the perspectives used to study them. These perspectives range from the magical journey of the shaman to the light of the rational scientist. In order to help us, the herbs have to pass from their home in dreamtime through layers such as these, to help us in our home in the rational world…[where] they teach us about Nature, and ourselves.

Matthew Wood, The Book of Herbal Wisdom, (p. 5)