Mission & Vision


To help foster a healthier world, one garden at a time, for my children and my children's children...for one and for all, forever.


To cultivate and facilitate plant-focused holistic approaches to wellness, consciousness and community from the foundation of a working integrated, agro-ecological family farm.


Inclusiveness & Diversity: NEO2.0 is an open concept farm, which is to say everyone is welcome. Discrimination has no place in our society and indeed this project is as much about cultivating empathy, advancing human rights and creating space for inclusion as it is about growing a diversity of fruits, herbs and vegetables in symbiotic polycultures 🙂

Gratitude & Respect: In so many different ways...

Health & Wellness: It's been the primary focus of my farming practice for over a decade. I believe strongly that participation in local, organic agricultural production systgems is as fundamentally healing as is the act of eating healthy food.

Truth & Reconciliation: NEO is actively looking  to co-produce artistic, functional, political, meaningful installations through action-learning exchanges and ceremony in the sacred practice of growing our own foods and medicines.


 Our spring fed pond against the backdrop of the East Mountain, Beaver Valley, Grey County, Ontario.